Sniff Relief New Year Sale

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Breathe easy with Sniff Relief! Their self-heating face mask provides immediate warmth around the nose, cheeks and forehead in order to stimulate blood vessels to relieve sinus pressure, headaches, allergies and more. Right now, save 40% + free shipping with their New Year Sale.

Earthley Merch & Homeschool Curricula Sale

Save 20% off all of Earthley‘s homeschool resources, plus Earthley accessories, NOW through Monday, July 25!

Use Code HERBALISM to save 20% off the following items:

Travel Bag (with tincture-sized pockets)
Flax heating pads/covers (work great for castor oil detox)
Dish Brush (to use with the Dish Bar Soap)
Glass Cleaning Bottle (perfect to use with the Cleaning Spray Concentrate)
Earthley T-shirt (available in both men’s & women’s sizes)
Homeschool Curricula

Post contains affiliate links.