Healthy Home Essentials

A healthy home is a happy home! Here are the best toxin free products and other essentials to keep your home cozy and clean.

I spend a lot of time researching to make sure I am recommending the safest products for you and your family. I ALWAYS suggest checking ingredient labels for yourself before purchasing and if you come across something that you do not think belongs on this list, please feel free to reach out to me at so that I can look into it.

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• Candles: Candles without the toxins DO exist. Take a look at these clean candle selections from the following companies:

Basic Bee Candle Co.
Fontana Candle Co. New customers save 15% w/ code NATURALDEALS
Kingdom Come Home New customers save 10% w/ code CHOOSENATURAL
Meaningful Mantras. Find locally here.
Poofy Organics for wax melts. New customers save 10% w/ code JASMINEGEANIDES
Primally Pure
Wellness by Ari New customers save 10% w/ code JASMINEGEANIDES

• Essential Oils: Choose organic if possible. A couple of my favorite EO companies are Plant Therapy and Rocky Mountain Oils. There are a few different options for diffusing your oils. Organic Aromas makes a nice selection of glass nebulizing diffusers (these don’t require water like most traditional diffusers). These little plug-ins are nice for small areas like bathrooms. These adorable passive diffusers from Plant Therapy are also nice for small areas. Always check into EO safety for pets/kids if this applies to you.

• Room Sprays: Clean room spray options include –

Fontana Candle Co. New customers save 15% w/ code NATURALDEALS.
Grow Fragrance
Kingdom Come Home. New customers save 10% w/ code CHOOSENATURAL.
Poofy Organics. New customers save 10% w/ code JASMINEGEANIDES.
Primally Pure


Did you know that on average we spend about one-third of our lives sleeping? The bedroom is the one of the most important rooms in our home to keep toxin free!

Anthropologie: Organic cotton bedding.

Bed Threads: Linen bedding.

Boll & Branch: Organic cotton bedding.

Delilah Home: Organic hemp and cotton bedding.

EcoTerra Beds: Organic/natural mattresses, toppers, pillows, foundations, frames.

Homebird Textiles: Organic cotton bedding.

Latex for Less: Organic/natural mattresses, toppers, pillows, foundations, frames.

Mosaic Weighted Blankets: Organic cotton weighted blankets.

My Green Mattress: Organic/natural mattresses, toppers, pillows, bedding, foundations, frames.

Naturepedic: Organic/natural mattresses, toppers, pillows, bedding, foundations. They also offer customizable mattresses, including latex AND wool free ones!

Nest Bedding: Organic mattresses, toppers, bedding, pillows, foundations and frames.

Organic Essentia: Organic mattresses, toppers, pillows, bedding, foundations

Pact: Organic cotton bedding.

PlushBeds: Organic/natural mattresses, toppers, pillows, beds, bedding.

Simple&Opulence: OEKO-TEX linen bedding.

Shepherd’s Dream: Organic wool and cotton bedding, mattresses, pillows, toppers.

SOL Organics: Organic cotton and natural linen bedding.

White Lotus Home: Organic/natural mattresses, toppers, pillows, bedding.


360 Cookware: Stainless steel pans, bakeware, slow cookers. New customers save 20% w/ code WELCOME20. Also available on Amazon.

Bed Threads: Linen tablecloths, napkins, placemats and coasters.

Bentgo: Stainless steel and glass lunch boxes/containers.

• Corelle: Plates and bowls in Winter Frost White. Find on Amazon and Walmart.

Duralex: Glass drinkware, bowls, storage, bakeware, dinnerware.

Faberware: Stainless steel electric percolator for coffee.

Field Company: Made in the USA cast iron cookware, pre-seasoned with grapeseed oil. Also available on Amazon.

Fox Run: Stainless steel bakeware.

Hydro Flask: Stainless steel water bottles, cups and food jars. Also available on Amazon.

JarJackets: Silicone sleeves for mason jars.

Lodge: Cast iron cookware and bakware. Enamel coated pieces are not toxin free.

Meli Wraps: Reusable beeswax wraps.

Miriam’s Earthen Cookware: Cookware/bakeware made from 100% Primary clay (uncontaminated clay from deep within). Tested & certified to have NO Lead, NO Cadmium, NO Arsenic, or heavy metals. No Chemicals or glazes used. Fully handcrafted in USA.

Salt & York: Olive and walnut wood utensils. USA made. Not coated in oil.

Xtrema Cookware: Ceramic cookware, bakeware, teaware and more.


Anthropologie: Organic cotton shower curtains.

Bed Threads: 100% French flax linen waffle towels and ultra-plush bath mats.

Boll & Branch: Organic cotton towels, mats, shower curtains and robes.

FilterBaby: Skincare faucet filters. New customers save $10 w/ code NATURALDEALS.

Homebird Textiles: Organic cotton bath towels.

Pact: Organic cotton bath towels and mats.

Squatty Potty: Bathroom stools. Also available on Amazon.


ECOS Paints: Non-toxic, eco-friendly paint.