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Natural Shopping Directory


Fresh Fizz Sodas – Sodas made with just juices, fresh herbs, and spices – and sweetened with honey. Find locally.

OLIPOP – Soda made with plant fiber and prebiotics. Find locally.

Tastings Tea – Organic loose leaf and bagged teas. Also available on Amazon.

Tea Drops – Organic, bag-free, whole-leaf teas pressed into beautiful shapes. Also available on Amazon.

Zevia – Naturally sweetened soda, energy drinks, organic tea and mixers. Find locally.

Cooking & Baking Essentials

Fatworks – Healthy animal cooking fats. Tallow, lard, duck fat, ghee, goose fat and more. Also available on Amazon. Find locally.

King Arthur Baking – Organic flours and gluten free mixes. Also available on Amazon. Find locally.

Supernatural – Dye free sprinkles, food colors, frosting and baking chips. Find locally.

Snacks & Treats

Fruit Bliss – Organic sun-ripened dried fruits. Find locally.

OCHO Candy – Organic and Fair Trade Certified chocolate candy.

Partake Foods – Top 8 allergen free cookies and baking mixes. Also available on Amazon. Find locally.

Surf Sweets – Allergy-friendly treats made with quality organic ingredients.

UNREAL – Chocolate candies. Also available on Amazon. Find locally.

YumEarth – Organic treats are free from the top 8 allergens. Find locally.