Natural Guide for Easter

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Easter Basket Ideas

I do not typically recommend Green Toys. They are made from recycled plastic and I have had a lot of issues with some of their toys smelling like laundry detergent in the past. We also have some of their toys that have been free from any fragrance. If you are comfortable with this brand, you could consider using one of their vehicles (dump truck, wagon) or even a pail as your “basket.”

These Amish baskets in “plain” (no color, no brass plate because of lead) look like a really great option, too. If purchasing homemade baskets from small businesses, stay away from anything personalized with vinyl because of lead concerns.

Grass ideas: Emerald green play silks from Sarah’s Silks. Ecograss (I’ve found this at Whole Foods in the past. I reuse mine every year). DIY grass with construction paper and a paper shredder. You could even use paper shopping bags for this.

Easter Basket Treats

UNREAL Brand – I love this brand for a healthy alternative to popular candies like M&M’S or Reese’s. You can purchase straight from their site or Amazon. They are also available in a lot of local retailers. You can use their store locator to see where to purchase in your area.

Little Secrets – They have a great swap for Reese’s Pieces. They also have tons of yummy candy bars. Find locally here.

Chocolate bunnies – Chocolate Easter bunnies are kind of hard to find. I typically buy one from Whole Foods every year. Lake Champlain makes them as well, but they are kind of expensive. This one from No Whey! isn’t organic, but the ingredients are pretty decent and it is a great option for those with a dairy allergy.

Annie’s Organic Bunny Fruit Snacks

Surf Sweets Organic Jelly Beans

YumEarth. Find YumEarth treats locally here.

Find a variety of Easter candies at the Natural Candy Store.

Easter Basket Gifts

Organic stuffed animals.

Toxin free bubbles.

Fun and toxin free bath products. Bath bombs, soap bars or bubble baths.

Personal care products like lip balms and lotions.

Natural art supplies like Honey Sticks crayons or non-toxic chalk.

New summer wardrobe – I love to gift my kids fun and new clothes for the summer season. Here are some organic clothing options. Be sure to check the “clothes” thread for the latest posted deals on organic clothing. I usually gift swimsuits for summer, too. Primary and Hanna Andersson are great places to shop for less toxic swimwear.

Organic seeds so they can start their own garden.

Other miscellaneous basket ideas (that aren’t necessarily “natural”): Sunglasses, coloring books, activity books, crayons/markers, stickers, Melissa & Doug Water Wow pads, books, puzzles, cookie cutters, a kite.

More Easter Fun

Dye your eggs naturally with Earth Paints Natural Dye Kit. There’s also a kit from Eco-Kids and it even comes with grass seed to grow your own Easter basket grass! If you’re feeling crafty, try a DIY dye project.

For Easter egg hunts consider using Eco Eggs. These can usually be found at Whole Foods.

Make your own homemade Easter treats. Check out my Easter board on Pinterest for recipes.