Earthley Homeschool Resources

Post contains affiliate links.

Looking to teach some important life skills to your homeschooler? Earthley is having a 20% off sale on their homeschool curriculums. Use code HOMESCHOOL to save. Deal will end on 11/7/2022.

Courses to choose from include:

Real Food Real Nutrition (Kids need to know where their food comes from – and why real, unprocessed food matters to their long-term health)

Spring Garden Unit (there’s no better place to create a healthy diet than in your own garden! The Spring Garden Unit Study helps connect health, gardening, and education by teaching kids about five popular backyard garden plants)

Herb Garden Unit (This digital book will teach young students the ‘how’ of gardening: all those nitty-gritty details about when to plant, how and when to fertilize, companion plants to avoid bugs, and more)

Learn to Homestead Series 1-3 (we’ve put together this series to teach kids life skills that matter. From berries, and respiratory remedies, to fall fruit, we break down foraging, cooking, sewing, and other crucial life skills!)

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